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The Survival Kid

Survival Kids™ is an app inspired by survival theme video games and designed to collaborate with Survival Kits™ to enhance user's experience surviving in the wasteland.

Initial Concepts

Under critical circumstances, immediate help is important, however, there's barely product that researches on the priorities of assistance. An app that gives users immediate help and guide is something that people really need in emergency.

To cooperate with Survival Kits™ as a supplemental app to its user experience, Survival Kids™ have the mission to provide the users with a clearer direction and better experience surviving after the disaster.

Inspiration From Video Games

Survival video games gave me excellent inspiration designing this system. Status bars, dashboards and even menus provide players a comprehensive platform to check what is going on and what to do next in the virtual world. Inspired by such system, survival kids is like such system built in reality.

Informative Hierarchy Research

Concise is the very first mission of the app because people have to get focused during the emergency to ensure they can survive. In this way, only important information are shown on the home page of the app based on the user’s survival kit’s record, internet and mobile sensors. Also, a page of live updates on the current emergency was designed because it is also important to know what is going on so user can take actions.

The Red Sun Feature

The Red sun is shown as a danger indicator, providing users with an evaluation of the danger going outside and the possibility of surviving, based on user's location, algorithms and infos that public departments published.

Easy Menu Entrance

The Red Sun is also a trigger to the menu page. User may swipe on the sun to go the menu and switch between pages. This hint shows when user open the app for the first time.

UI Showcase

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