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UNIQLO App Redesign

This project focuses on improving the user experience on the official UNIQLO app, which I recently had really bad experience on. Product images are from UNIQLO US website, for educational use.

Visually Overwhelmed Original Design

Crowded, busy and not so user-friendly original app design is the reason why I started this project. What UNIQLO users want is apparently not a malfunctioning product catalog with no hint and not proper layout.

User's Practice and My Expectation

A questionnaire was given to 100+ random UNIQLO app customers online to let them choose their most frequent usage of the UNIQLO app. That the app is mainly used in-store is an interesting fact that I found. No matter if this is because of the app's issue or something else, based on this fact, in-store scenario is something that the new app should emphasize on, at least this is for a transition of the app's role. In the meanwhile, the new design will be a lite version of the original one.

Experience Re-construction

The menu button in Material Design is a great inspiration during the process, even the app itself is not entirely using Material Design as its visual language. Not only because of the menu button's design is a great use of one-hand touch comfort zone, but also because of that it keeps remind the user where they are and ensures a quick switch between pages can be done in a very fast pace.

This button also ensures the continuity of the entire system because a little dot can be literally used for all purposes just by changing its icon and color, reminding the user where to go next with the visual hierarchy and animation between pages.


Based on researches on other fashion shopping apps and websites like Urban Outfitters, ZARA, FARFETCH and H&M, most of them are mainly focused on online shopping experiences. Thus most of them looks merely like a product catalog, which is not what customers wants when shopping in person.

For in-store shopping scenario, a clear shopping guide and content hierarchy is absolutely needed, because most customers don't come to a UNIQLO branch with a clear shopping list of what to buy. Usually, most people just randomly go inside and browse what they like while UNIQLO don't give any style advices both online and offline.

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